Online ad platform ClickGanic raises $300,000 and prepares itself for international expansion

Last month, ClickGanic, an online ad platform based in Kyiv (Kiev) and launched in February of this year, secured a $300,000 investment from business angel Evgeny Medvednikov and Clickky, an internationally oriented Ukrainian company offering a mobile app marketing platform.

The deal valued ClickGanic at $557,000 (pre-money), 24-year-old co-founder Evgeny Kukharchuk told Ukraine Digital News. The startup had previously raised $20,000 in smart money from Odessa-based startup incubator WannaBiz.

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New online map aims to provide Ukrainian tech players with international visibility

The past few months have seen the emergence of several initiatives aimed at raising Ukraine’s visibility on the global high-tech map – Ukraine Digital News not being the least. Another one is Mappedinua, an English-language, user-generated map of the Ukrainian digital and IT scene launched in mid-August.

Apparently inspired by Israeli start-up map MappedInIsrael, Mappedinua is the brainchild of Ilia Kenigshtein, a tech entrepreneur and investor splitting his life between Ukraine and Israel, and Ivan Pasichnik, the CEO of Ecois, an internationally-oriented Ukrainian startup.

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Ukrainian tech sector to showcase its emerging talent in San Francisco

In a case of East meets West, the most dynamic representatives of Ukraine’s emerging tech industry are set to gather in the USA at the breakthrough Ukraine Tech Gem conference. The event will be held in San Francisco this Thursday at the Hyatt Regency hotel in partnership with Ukraine Digital News.

Ukraine has become one of the most efficient and cost-effective IT outsourcing markets in Europe, with the local outsourcing sector set to reach $4 billion in value by 2016. A well-educated and innovative IT workforce has attracted some of the world’s leading tech companies. Samsung, Huawei, Siemens, NetCracker and others have developed R&D centers in Ukraine.

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Oleksii Vitchenko launches seed-stage startup investment fund

Ukrainian entrepreneur Oleksii Vitchenko has launched Digital Future, a new investment company which analyses the Ukrainian startup landscape, seeks out the best new projects and takes them to the global market.

Digital Future invests in startups at various stages of development, focusing on e-commerce, digital marketing and mobile technology. The company usually looks to invest from $25,000 for a 10-15% stake.

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IDCEE launches Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon

IDCEE, the leading international tech event in Eastern Europe held in Kyiv (Kiev) each October, invites entrepreneurs from all countries to participate in IDCEE Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon, co-organized together with SocialBoost. 

In a changing world social responsibility has become a key issue not only for big corporations, more and more entrepreneurs strive to be socially responsible these days. This is why IDCEE launches, for the first time, its Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon with the aim to collaborate intensively, create and develop innovative solutions to the most pressing social problems.

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Putin’s new weapon in the Ukraine propaganda war: Internet trolls

The internet troll army’s selling of the Kremlin’s parallel universe to the Russian people and to a  skeptical Western audience is a matter of life and death for the Putin regime.  If the Russian people do not buy their story, Putin loses the high “ratings” on which his regime rests.

If he cannot convince his Western audience, Europe and the United States will take actions that spoil his Novorossiya ventures and threaten his regime.  Trolling is a high stakes business that Putin takes seriously and the West must not underestimate.

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N-iX founder Andrew Pavliv: “The unrest in Eastern Ukraine has affected new potential clients’ attitude, even though we’re feeling safe one thousand miles away”

Launched in 2002 and enjoying a strong partnership with Novell since 2003, N-iX has developed into a sizable IT outsourcing company in Lviv (Lvov) in the quiet Western part of Ukraine. Its founder Andrew Pavliv told Ukraine Digital News how his international clients react to the current situation in Ukraine and about the threats and opportunities that these tensions entail for the local IT industry.

He also shared his vision of the country’s future – which will be made more prosperous and socially more mature, according to him, thanks to the development of an internationally connected high-tech industry.

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US startup with Ukrainian IT team acquired by Rakuten

Last week, investment firm Siguler Guff announced the sale of Slice, a company in its portfolio, to Japanese online retailer Rakuten. Slice has developed an app that allows online shoppers to track their orders, manage their purchase history and analyze their online spending.

The project maintains a direct connection to Ukraine, as the main part of the Slice engineering team works out of Odessa, as reported by Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA.

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Ukrainian ICT market could shrink by up to 50% in 2014; IT services less affected than equipment

Prospects for the Ukrainian ICT market (not including telephones) continue to appear bleak, as market intelligence firm IDC has reported that it may shrink by 25% by the end of the year, especially impacting the electronic equipment and software sectors.

The volume of shipments of electronic equipment, in particular, is expected to fall back to the level it reached in 2009.

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Fison to push four Ukrainian startups on US market

This past Thursday, the Ukrainian investment fund Fison announced the winners of its startup contest. In addition to potentially receiving funding from Fison, the four winners will take part in UT GEM, a tech event dedicated to building and tightening ties between Ukraine and the USA. This event will take place on Sept. 18 in San Francisco.

The jury included two figures from the Ukrainian startup ecosystem – Denis Dovgopoliy, founder of the Growth UP business incubator, and Alexander Soroka, founder of the startup investment platform – as well as Rostislav Sedlachik, owner of the asset management firm PIO Global, and Ukraine Digital News chief editor Adrien Henni.

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