UADN editorial policy is shaped by a single goal – to inform the international business community about Ukraine’s IT and digital industries in an objective and reliable manner.

UADN content is a finely tuned combination of news materials, professional analysis, market data and in-depth studies. The materials are produced by UADN’s own team and expert network, or provided by partnering media and industry players, or based on selected extracts from the Ukrainian or international press.

Whenever possible, the facts reported from UADN’s sources are double-checked with alternative media sources or directly with involved people or organizations.

Although UADN provides current, relevant and insightful industry news on a daily basis, it is not itself a provider of breaking real time news. In our position as a market insider and aggregator, we select, verify and translate information from reliable local sources, adding value in cross referencing for clarity and accuracy. In the energetic Ukrainian IT and digital markets, being a trustworthy resource of information and data is even more important than being first to publish news. We aim to check the facts and fine-tune content to ensure the highest possible level of quality and reliability.

UADN relations with partnering media, contributors and companies are fully transparent. UADN editorial independence is a non-negotiable condition in all matters pertaining to editorial or financial relations – be it advertising, sponsorship or investment.

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