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What happens on the Ukrainian IT-market?

I started my career in a company called “MIND CTI”. It is an Israeli hi-tech public company, traded at NASDAQ, NY. In several years, I became the Chief Architect. One of my activities there was to set up an R&D-center for the company, at that time in Romania. I started with five guys and after five years I had 230 guys there. I said to myself: “If I’m so good in doing something like that, why do I do it for another person? I can do it for myself”.

But at that time Romania joined the EU, so it didn’t make sense to do it there anymore, because the prices started to go up, and the good developers started leaving Romania. So I started looking for other locations in Central and Eastern Europe. That could be interesting for me. And I decided to start my company in Ukraine. The talent pull in Ukraine is much bigger than the one in Romania, the education system is better, the prices seemed right.

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Kyiv authorities work with American investor to open a free co-working space for startups

Kyiv City State Administration is working with Igor Shoifot, chairman of Ukrainian Happy Farm incubator and the U.S. representative of TMT Investments, to open a co-working space in Kyiv, where startup teams will be able to work on their projects free of charge. Existing spaces in the Ukrainian capital charge anywhere from $70 to $200 per desk per month.

“Startups mostly happen not thanks to investors or rich people, but young guys who can’t even pay for a co-working space. Therefore they have to work from home, but projects worked on from apartments don’t survive. Silicon Valley’s concept of startups made in a garage is there for a good reason,” Shoifot told the Kyiv Post.

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How tech innovations and partnerships can help Ukraine reach new goals

Nowadays, implementation of innovations and using high technology can significantly contribute to reaching new goals of Ukraine’s national economic development. Achieving these goals will enable Ukrainians to build a new country with absolutely new formation – the country which can get back its high-quality specialists (especially in IT and R&D sector), develop relevant conditions to attract new investors, bring additional funds in the economy, and thus boost indicators of its main export oriented industries.

All these can be achieved by joint efforts of the Ukrainian business community interested in sustainable business activity, government focusing its efforts on harmonization of the current legislative basis and ensuring needed economic reforms in a timely manner, as well as potential investors taking a final decision on whether get involved in entering the market.

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The current turmoil will stimulate high tech investment from large Ukrainian groups

Many oligarchs as well as financial and industrial groups are beginning to understand that physical assets will be hard to preserve. Considering the demographic and cultural movements in Europe and the United States, we cannot consider our world stable in the long term. Looking at the dynamic political, economic, demographic, national and religious maps of the world, we cannot fail to see processes that lead to instability and perhaps war.

The majority of Ukrainian oligarchs and groups have faced the inability to preserve their assets to the current context of rebellion in Eastern Ukraine. They lost control of some of their enterprises and some were physically destroyed. That began to stimulate several processes.

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Ciklum to launch a startup-in-residence program in Ukraine

The out-staffing software development company Ciklum with headquarters in Denmark and seven offices in Ukraine employing more than 2,400 people will soon launch a startup-in-residence program. The company’s CEO and founder Torben Majgaard announced the plan at the UTGem conference in San Francisco on Sept. 18.

“We’re going to be offering Ukrainian startups to move into our offices. We’re trying to create in Ciklum a big massive incubator, where we can help Ukrainian companies,” Majgaard said in an interview with the Kyiv Post.

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IT pioneer announces candidacy for parliament with holistic vision for army and economy

The prominent founder of a popular domain name registrar and website hosting company is running for a seat in parliament as an independent candidate. The information technology pioneer, Oleksandr Olshanskiy, didn’t specify in which of the 225 single-mandate races he would run. Initially, he said he expected to get elected under the UDAR party ticket led by Kyiv mayor and retired boxing champion Vitaliy Klitschko, according to a Sept. 11 interview with the Kyiv Post.

Olshanskiy’s announcement comes on the heels of other visible technology business professionals joining politics. Among them are the former head of Microsoft Ukraine Dmytro Shymkiv, who in July became the deputy head of President Petro Poroshenko’s administration, and Viktor Galasyuk, who recently became an economic adviser to Radical Party leader Oleh Lyashko after heading the Bionic Hill innovation park project.

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N-iX founder Andrew Pavliv: “The unrest in Eastern Ukraine has affected new potential clients’ attitude, even though we’re feeling safe one thousand miles away”

Launched in 2002 and enjoying a strong partnership with Novell since 2003, N-iX has developed into a sizable IT outsourcing company in Lviv (Lvov) in the quiet Western part of Ukraine. Its founder Andrew Pavliv told Ukraine Digital News how his international clients react to the current situation in Ukraine and about the threats and opportunities that these tensions entail for the local IT industry.

He also shared his vision of the country’s future – which will be made more prosperous and socially more mature, according to him, thanks to the development of an internationally connected high-tech industry.

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IT programmer Ekatarina Zyryanova: “There are a lot of clever people in Donbass and it will be easy to recover the local IT industry”

Programmer Ekaterina Zyryanova, who lived in Kramatorsk, a war-torn city of the Donetsk region, for over 30 years, was forced to move to Western Ukraine to pursue a new life and career. She found a job in a Lviv (Lvov) based IT outsourcing company.

Zyryanova has been kind enough to share with Ukraine Digital News her harrowing experience of living in and relocating.

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Poroshenko unveils Instagram account while presidential website faces DDos attack

As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others become ubiquitous, many Ukrainian leaders now communicate via social networks. Since the Maidan revolution these networks have even been used by several top officials to announce important government decisions.

Following the trend is Petro Poroshenko. The newly-elected Ukrainian president, who already maintained an official presence on Twitter and Facebook, last week announced the creation of his personal Instagram account. Thus far, the account mainly displays primarily photos of meetings with ministers and foreign dignitaries, but also images of Poroshenko and wife sharing tender moments and of the president visiting the troops.

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Microsoft Ukraine GM joins presidential administration to carry out reforms

Microsoft Ukraine general manager Dmitry Shimkiv, who was an active participant in the Maidan Revolution, was appointed deputy head of the presidential administration for administrative, social and economic reform last week.

According to Ukrainian media, Shimkiv’s first task in his new post will be to reform the structure of the presidential administration so as to raise its efficiency and performance as much as possible. The scope of his activities will include not only economic reform, but a wider range of issues as well.

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