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International tech investor lists 199 top Ukrainian industry figures

Kirill Mazur, managing partner at Imperious Group, a venture capital company operating in the US, Israel and Eastern Europe, has recently released the second edition of his personal list of the most active supporters of Ukraine’s startup ecosystem in 2017.

The listing includes 199 venture investors, tech entrepreneurs, event organizers and journalists (up from 110 last year) who reside both in Ukraine and beyond.

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Musk says he can help Ukraine tackle energy crisis, Groysman promises to mull deal

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman says he wants to talk to Tesla Motors boss Elon Musk about using the tech entrepreneur’s innovative power technologies to tackle Ukraine’s energy crisis.

During an exchange on social network Twitter earlier this week,  Musk bet he could build a huge lithium-ion battery network to prevent power blackouts in South Australia in just 100 days.

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Five Ukrainians listed among ‘best and brightest’ in Central and Eastern Europe

Five Ukrainians have won places on the New Europe 100 list of 100 of the “brightest and best people” in Central and Eastern Europe.

The third annual list, which was organized by U.K. business daily Financial Times, the Visegrad Fund,  Google and Polish journal Res Publica, includes 100 business and social leaders, creative inventors and go-getting entrepreneurs from Europe. The list was released on Nov. 15.

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Uber Ukraine CEO talks about business after launch in Kyiv

A chain-smoking driver talks on the phone while driving a beat-up car. His passenger is sweating, both because of the erratic driving and the absence of air conditioning – it’s either broken or not there at all. Until just a couple years ago, that used to be what an average taxi ride in Ukraine was like.

But things are changing now. Seeing the huge gap in the market for proper taxi services, tech companies that position themselves as “Uber-like” have started coming to Ukraine. The real star of the market – Uber, the most expensive tech startup in the world in 2015 – launched its services in Kyiv on June 30.

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Denis Dovgopoliy: “Outsourcing is the base upon which a number of strong startups will emerge in Ukraine”

The history of startup infrastructure in Ukraine is one of highs and lows. The last few years have seen a few accelerators come and go, with others significantly reducing their operations. However, despite all the crises of the last decade, some of the major players have managed to stick around and show the way to more entrants to the market.

“Now we’re witnessing the second exodus of accelerators and incubators from the Ukrainian market,” said Denis Dovgopoliy, a figure of the local digital scene, in an exchange with Ukraine Digital News.

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TA Ventures founding partner Viktoriya Tigipko: “The quality of Ukrainian startups has been improving”

Despite its political woes, Ukraine is country of technology talent with a plethora of startups going through local and global acceleration programs and receiving support from investors.

One of Ukraine’s largest institutional venture funds, TA Ventures, has been around for some six years, and is active on both local and international markets.

“We focus on startups with global potential in such sectors as fintech, digital health, big data, cloud computing, and online marketplaces,” said the fund’s founding partner Viktoriya Tigipko.

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Lustrated Ukrainian naval officer founds startup to equip army

Navy man Igor Kabanenko, 55, dedicated over 30 years to his military career. Now out of the military, he’s gone into business with a startup to produce military equipment.

His career had its ups and downs: in December 2013 former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych transferred Kabanenko to the reserves on medical grounds — right after the Security Service of Ukraine accused him of disclosing state secrets in October of that same year.

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New ranking reveals top figures of the Ukrainian venture and startup scene

Earlier this month, the six most influential figures of the Ukrainian venture and startup scene in 2015 were named at iForum, a major industry event held in Kyiv (Kiev). This ranking was made by a board of 30 experts.

While Yevgen Sysoyev, Andrey Kolodyuk, Nataliia Berezovska, Victor Shaburov and Illia Kenigshtein had already been featured in such rankings in the past, this year’s number one, Oleksii Vitchenko, is appearing there for the first time.

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BPO: Ukraine’s hidden potential

Gartner defines Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that owns, administrates and manages the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics.

Classic BPO services are grouped in two major categories: horizontal services (those that can be implemented across specific industries) and vertical-specific services (those that demand specific industry vertical process knowledge).

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Phillip Hatch: Should reforms succeed, “Ukraine could export $275 billion in technology-related goods and services”

Phillip J. Hatch, a global strategy, workforce and economic development executive, recently completed an exhaustive research project exploring the Ukrainian economy. This study captures the economic impact of the current crisis as well as the risks associated with ongoing corruption and other issues.

A significant part of this study is devoted to Ukraine’s technology-related exports. Considering Ukraine’s population, education rate, and technical and scientific skill density, Hatch believes that the country’s exports of IT goods and services could grow more than 30-fold from its current five-year peak total value of $7.76 billion, should corruption be eradicated and IP rights better protected.

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