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Why Ukraine said ‘Nyet’ to Russian social networks

When Ukrainian government took the decision to ban the use of Russian internet services such as the Yandex search engine and the social network Vkontakte, it looked like another example of the country’s propensity to ape Russia’s own worst practices even while it talks about joining the European fold.

But the ban is part of a broader debate in the West about whether such platforms are media companies or impartial middlemen, writes Leonid Bershidsky of Bloomberg.

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Six years and counting: Ukraine still waiting for mobile number portability

If Ukrainian mobile phone users are tired of their tariff plans or fed up with poor service, they face a tough choice: either they stay with their current provider and suffer on, or change networks and be forced to change their number as well.

Such a dilemma doesn’t exist in the more than 70 countries where mobile number portability is available. Portability allows customers to move freely among networks, taking their number with them wherever they go.

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How the human factor is boosting Ukraine’s promising IT export sector

Ukraine’s export IT segment showed an increase of 15 per cent in 2016, and continued to occupy the third place, by volume of total country exports, after agriculture and metallurgy. While we are speaking about the rates of growth, there are very solid grounds to expect that this positive tendency will be maintained and will grow to an optimistic 20 per cent in 2017.

As for today, an efficient IT ecosystem has been already been created in Ukraine and the exporting IT companies are operating on a global market, which continues to grow, so interest in our IT products and services will also increase in the future.

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Ukrainian-based logistics companies start to match global technology trends

While Google and Amazon are patenting drones and driverless car parcel delivery methods, companies in Ukraine have started budgeting the implementation of parcel sorting robots, development of mobile apps, tests of drones delivery, and replenishment of their electric autopark.

One major trend that has already made a breakthrough is a change made thanks to internet customers. Logistic firms now have to be omni-channeled to match each individual customer’s needs.

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Top 10 Ukrainian startups in 2016

At the end of each year AIN.UA, the leading Ukrainian tech blog, offers its ranking of the country’s most successful startups. The ranking, based on a survey among local business angels and venture investors, features projects which were created or pivoted, over the past three years. Although they were created by Ukrainian teams, some of these companies have established their headquarters in another country.

This year’s ranking includes 10 startups, to which Ukraine Digital News is adding an additional list of companies which have drawn particular attention on the global high tech scene.

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Ukraine’s tech ecosystem equation: Product + Outsourcing = ?

Although many countries across the world strive to build a Silicon Valley of their own, regional technology business ecosystems are all very different, and are likely to remain so. It’s very interesting to observe how each country’s history affects the way startups and bigger companies grow and coexist on the market.

In Ukraine, a country of  great technological talent that has historically been linked with outsourced software development, the startup movement only gained momentum around seven years ago.

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Belgium technology firms love Ukrainian developers – but not enough to move here

Only a few Belgium technology companies currently have offices in Ukraine. But hundreds of Ukrainians work for the sector in Belgium, either by moving there or working remotely. In fact, according to a survey conducted by popular developer forum Stackoverflow, 31 percent of Ukrainian developers are teleworkers.

“So far there has been lots of interest from Belgium. They come here often to talk with people,” Tatiana Korotitch, the Trade Envoy at Belgium’s Embassy in Kyiv, told the Kyiv Post.

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“Invisible innovation:” Tech entrepreneurs from emerging markets struggle for global visibility

In mid-October Colombia 4.0, an international event dedicated to digital content industries, highlighted the latest trends in animation, video games, web, mobile development, digital advertising, monetization, digital media, music and entrepreneurship.

During three days in Bogota, more than 190 national and international speakers were involved in lectures, panels and workshops. Among these speakers, Ukraine Digital News chief editor Adrien Henni highlighted the lack of coverage of innovative industries in emerging markets by international media and databases.

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Why we are undervaluing Ukraine’s tech scene

Over the past five years or so, Ukrainian outsourcing companies have developed a solid understanding of the US business environment and the US startup sector, and it’s paying off, writes Evgeniy Vyborov, a figure of the Ukrainian tech scene, in the Hunffington Post.

The Ukrainian startup scene is stronger than ever despite its economic and political woes, Vyborov believes. Total venture investment in Ukrainian startups increased 237% year-over-year from 2014-2015, after having dropped in 2013-2014, he notes, refering to the latest Ukraine Dealbook report.

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Denis Dovgopoliy: “Outsourcing is the base upon which a number of strong startups will emerge in Ukraine”

The history of startup infrastructure in Ukraine is one of highs and lows. The last few years have seen a few accelerators come and go, with others significantly reducing their operations. However, despite all the crises of the last decade, some of the major players have managed to stick around and show the way to more entrants to the market.

“Now we’re witnessing the second exodus of accelerators and incubators from the Ukrainian market,” said Denis Dovgopoliy, a figure of the local digital scene, in an exchange with Ukraine Digital News.

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