Ukraine Digital News (UADN) is the first international information platform dedicated to the Ukrainian digital and IT industries. Its website UADN.NET provides news, market data, business analysis and updates pertaining to the Internet, e-commerce, IT services, software development, hardware and other innovation in the country as well as to the related investment activity and legal environment.

UADN also conducts, or participates in, research activities to provide local and international audiences with in-depth analysis and quality data on these industries.

UADN offers the majority of this content free to the public.

UADN enjoys an unparalleled integration with a vast network of local and international industry experts, media partners and consultancies providing accurate, high quality professional news and information.


In spite of the recent international tensions and the country’s complex political situation, Ukraine is alive with a fast-growing and globally integrated IT outsourcing industry as well as new generation of startup entrepreneurs and investors. This vibrant community is now building their country’s future through increased technology development.

Doing business in Ukraine, however, remains challenging for many outsiders. Up-to-date, accessible information in English is hard to come by – especially in the nuanced fields of Internet, e-commerce, startups, venture investment, IT outsourcing and the legal environment.

Ukraine Digital News is the business conversation platform for Ukrainian market players and experts to present themselves to international audiences and get in touch with potential partners regardless of their location in the world.

As the Ukraine digital and IT scene grows and integrates globally, Ukraine Digital News can help the global business community achieve clarity and confidence in decision-making, boosting the effectiveness of investment strategy and improved bilateral understanding promoting trust, transparency and performance.


Ukrainian Digital News is a property of International Digital News SPRL, a Brussels-based company founded by Western industry experts and journalists.

UADN’s activities are supported financially by some of the country’s leading industry players, including (as of July 1, 2014) founding partners APEX VNT, AVentures Capital, Ciklum, Fison and TA Venture. Among its other sponsors are East Labs, N-IX and the UAID association.

Support from these organizations has no impact on UADN’s editorial neutrality (see Editorial Policy).

UADN is a publication of International Digital News (IDN), a technology news and research agency covering the emerging innovation markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

IDN also operates in Russia (East-West Digital News).

Among the company’s next initiatives are an industry report on startup investment covering 25 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and internationally-oriented information sites covering additional areas.

For more information, please contact us at jane@uadn.net