Microsoft Ukraine general manager Dmitry Shimkiv, who was an active participant in the Maidan Revolution, was appointed deputy head of the presidential administration for administrative, social and economic reform last week.

According to Ukrainian media, Shimkiv’s first task in his new post will be to reform the structure of the presidential administration so as to raise its efficiency and performance as much as possible. The scope of his activities will include not only economic reform, but a wider range of issues as well.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated that one of the first tasks for Shimkiv will be introduction of e-governance in the Ukrainian Presidential Administration.

This is not Shimkiv’s first time working with the authorities on improvements to state systems. It was announced earlier that Microsoft Ukraine would introduce e-governance in Lviv.

Shimkiv announced his resignation from the U.S. corporation on Facebook.

Source: AIN.UA